Glory Bush, Tibouchina

Any one who sees this exotic from Brazil in bloom will instantly adore it, the delicate vivid purple flowers always impress, they are usually abundant from late summer onwards in the U.K. as  light levels fall, and attract many butterflies. The leaves are soft and velvity, tinged with red on the edges.

flower-940250_1920It has a vine like growth pattern and can be trained up a trellis on a sunny wall, it can grow to about 5 metres, but can also be pruned into a more compact shape.  Water freely in spring sparingly in winter, but don’t let it stand in water, and it needs frost protection.

Treat as a House plant in colder climates and if it does die back due to cold or drought do not despair just water and usually new tiny shoots appear on the cinnamon coloured stems. It loves a rich fertile soil but will tolerate most soil types. It is an essential for the Tropical or subtropical garden.4273094211_c8a3ae2812_b


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