About us

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and describe a little about the project I am very passionate about.

I am a retired Medical practitioner due to a severe spinal injury over 30 yrs ago, this took a lot of rehabilitation, both physical and emotional. During this process I practiced Tai Chi and Qiqong and pursued an alternative healing strategy,  using organic foods, teas, Macrobiotics for a time, Mediterranean diets, etc.

While I pursued my medical career I also developed an interest in Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, including, Herbal, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, Essential oils, shiatsu massage to name a few. To assist not only my own health but also that of my patients.

It soon became apparent that I could not continue what was essentially a desk job for 50 hrs a week, and was medically retired. I then started my own allotment, at first I had a few setbacks with the heavy work but over a long time I realised that as long as I kept active my pain, numbness and stiffness was lessened with fewer severe episodes.

As I worked in the garden and Allotment I developed a fascination with plants, the soil and all that was living off it, how important each part was to the other and how each was indispensable to the other, very contrary to modern Agricultural  techniques, where the many are sacrificed for the few, or usually,  the singular crop.

I am now developing agricultural methods and products, to address this imbalance. With my scientific and research background I am carrying out experimental work on plant life ,the ecology of gardening and long forgotten techniques to bring nature back to balance, but in the same time realizing that harvests need to be bumper and not spoilt with decay or disease

I have drawn from many resources, but mostly I go with my experimentation, observation and the wish to maintain balance in our natural world,  kind regards to you all. Dr.  Andy Mariannou.