Crop rotations

Most importantly, every veg plot needs to be managed on a rotational basis. This must be at least 3 yearly, preferably 4. If you start with potatoes, 

which need a well composted unlimed bed prepared the previous Autumn. You can follow on with legumes, 

peas, beans and the like, or Brassicas-Cabbage, Brocolli, etc.

 Making sure you lime a month before. Then these are followed by the Alliums, Onions, Garlic, etc.

Then comes the beets, spinach, beetroot, chard and the like. Lastly followed by the root veg, carrots, parsnips, scorzenera, salsify and others. Which don’t do well in freshly composted beds which will make them fork. They like a deep loose soil so they can grow deep down looking for nutrients.

Then you start all over again.

Lettuce, cress, parsley, rocket and coriander, can be slotted in anywhere for a fresh herb cache.

Next time we’ll concentrate on the king of all crops the humble but soo tasty new potato.


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