Goji berry

This vigorous herbaceous perennial native to the Himalayan regions of China Mongolia and Tibet, is very easy to grow and very hardy, also known as wolf berry, it is a member of the night shade family along with potatoes, tomato and deadly nightshade, it has beautiful purplish flowers strung along it’s thorny long branchescimg7384 it doesn’t mind neglect, and enjoys full sun. Plant out in well manured well drained soil to establish. It will tolerate sea spray so is good for coastal gardens.pl2000012759_card_lg Fruiting starts after 4-5 years on previous years wood, so prune lightly in early spring. Feed with a potash rich feed in spring, trained up against a wall will increase yield, harvest only when berries are fully ripe by shaking  onto a sheet of paper. You can eat them fresh, cooked or dried. They are very rich in Iron and vit C, aswell as all the essential amino acids, with abundant antioxidants and the most protein of any fruit. Well worth growing a few bushes.


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