lemon verbena-Aloysia citrodora-Lippia Triphylla

notice the trifolate pattern

young lemon verbena plant

Height (H) up to 2.5m  Width(W) up to 2m

Deciduous shrub, native to south American continent, hardy down to 0 degrees C, but better protected over winter to be sure. It will drop its leaves in winter like any deciduous plant but don’t allow it to completely become bone dry. Likes any well drained soil in full sun, sheltered from winds. Not to be confused with Lemon Balm- Mellisa Officianalis. It seldom suffers from pests or disease due to its strong fragrance from the Limonene it contains, widely used in the perfume industry.

Propagate with softwood cuttings in spring or summer.

It has sedative and pain relieving properties.